roccelletta01In the territory of the municipality of Borgia, just south of Catanzaro Lido, it extends the area of Scylletium Archaeological Park, established in 1982 by the Ministry for Cultural Heritage, thanks to the efforts of the Archaeological Superintendence of Calabria. The archaeological finds unearthed on the site,It is evidence that concerned the ancient Greek colony of Skylletion who later saw the rise of the Roman Scolacium. According to scholars, other clues would suggest the existence of the village, even before the coming of the Greeks.

The park keeps inside, in the shade of green olive trees, ancient buildings of greek-Roman, Norman and several archaeological finds of great historical-artistic interest, remote age ceramics and numerous headless statues. At the park entrance, impressive stands the Roccelletta of Borgia, the basilica dedicated to Santa Maria della Roccella, also called Roccelletta the Bishop of Squillace.

A building made of red brick, of uncertain age, because there are different stages of construction of the same, how easily it can be seen from the observation of its composition, varied and uneven. Are mixed together different architectural styles, the Romanesque, Byzantine and Arabic. Some would have been built by the Normans in the eleventh and twelfth centuries, and probably was never brought to completion. In the walls of the highest parts of the building, you notice that were reused building materials of the Roman city. Inside, the building will be empty and devoid of works of art, with a single, large nave that at the summit the apse divided into three parts and can be reached through wide highest tiers of the building, you notice that they were recycled building materials of the Roman city.

Continuing the pleasant walk in the park you can admire the Roman theater, of considerable size and of which the stands, and the old Roman Forum are clearly visible, the square paved with large brick bricks, the seat of the Senate, a religious monument , a fountain. The whole area of the park, which preserves still down though most of the history of different civilizations that have occurred over the centuries, is an area rich, of great historical cultural and artistic value, can offer a lot to a kind of socio-cultural tourism that joins the seaside of the beautiful virgin coasts of Borgia.

Roccelletta Di Borgia Gallery