soverato02Soverato is a Ionian city located in the south of the Gulf of Squillace. It is one of the most famous holiday resorts and the beautiful Ionian Sea, so to be called “The Pearl of the Ionian Sea”.
The city is characterized by three different areas: the first urban area is distributed on the coast, the second opens into the hill and the third, the highest part of town,Read More

Copanello 13 km

copanello01Located on the Gulf of Squillace, on that beautiful stretch of coast called Costa degli Aranci or Coast of the Saracens, the entire territory of Copanello is characterized by lush hills of the typical Mediterranean flora and fauna and white granite cliffs that slope gently down the sea, creating beaches of fine sand, mixed with huge cliffsRead More

Badolato 18 km

badolato01Badolato is a medieval village 240 meters above sea level overlooking the Ionian Sea. The houses built next to each other on arches with features stones of the torrent that women wore on their heads. The colors and the feelings of attachment to the land is evident in the local clay bricks and the doors and windows of the surrounding chestnut woods.Read More

Isola Capo Rizzuto 68 km

caporizzuto01Isola Capo Rizzuto is located within the marine protected area of Capo Rizzuto. It is not an island, but a long promontory. In the old town there are remnants of the sixteenth-century fortified complex of Feudal Castle (in S. Marco), built in medieval period, expanded in 1549 by the Neapolitan feudal lord Giovanni Antonio Ricca.Read More

Parco Nazionale della Sila 68 km

parcosila06The Sila National Park is a wonderful place to discover, full of fascinating itineraries and exciting landscapes. Mountains and enchanted valleys, beautiful plants and a wide variety of animals, are a heritage of biodiversity that deserves to be loved, and above all protected.Read More

Reggio Calabria 161 km

reggio01A country of nymphs and sea monsters, of fairies and heroes. Land of spells and witchcrafts, extolled by D’Annunzio, celebrated by nineteenth century British travelers: Reggio Calabria feeds its magic, hanging between fable and reality … Projected towards a mediterranean future, retains all the warmthRead More

Roccelletta di Borgia 16 km

roccelletta01In the territory of the municipality of Borgia, just south of Catanzaro Lido, it extends the area of Scylletium Archaeological Park, established in 1982 by the Ministry for Cultural Heritage, thanks to the efforts of the Archaeological Superintendence of Calabria. The archaeological finds unearthed on the site,Read More